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Reusable Thermal Insulation Covers And Expansion Joints

November 07, 2018

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Reusable Thermal Insulation Covers And Expansion Joints

Reducing High energy and maintenance costs with shorter equipment downtime.

Having established a niche market for its reusable thermal insulation covers and expansion joints in South Africa, Flextra Engineered Products (Pty) LTD is dedicated to serving high quality product to the mining and refining industries in the African markets and beyond.

Flextra Engineered Products (Pty) LTD is dedicated to help plant operators in Africa reduce high energy and operating costs by increasing equipment uptime and safety in 2018 and beyond, through its know-how of thermal insulation, and fabric and metal expansion joints respectively.

The Managing Director of Flextra, Chris Edmeston and Sales Director, Matthew Edmeston, tells African Mining Brief that the company’s reusable thermal insulation covers and expansion joint solutions are aimed at specifically addressing current demands in the African mining and refining industries by offering high-quality well-designed products at a competitive price and a time-sensitive delivery period.

Flextra Engineered Products has an absolute dedication to quality (Iso 9001/2015)

Reusable Insulation Covers

Matthew says Flextra’s reusable thermal insulation covers are designed to help reduce high energy and maintenance costs for industries that need equipment suitably insulated from large bag houses precips and cyclones to ducting, fans, valves, tanks and many more. What makes Flextra’s reusable covers stand out from comparable products in the market is the ability to remove and reinstall the insulation system with ease, providing quick access to valves and high maintenance equipment. This is all done without having to repurchase insulation each time. He elaborates, “As and when needed, you can undo a strap and buckle, perform your maintenance work, and reinstall. Most of our standard covers can be removed and reinstalled in 5 minutes or less.”

In a nutshell, Flextra’s reusable insulation covers offer numerous advantages over ‘conventional’ insulation, mainly: shorter equipment downtime, weight and space reduction, ease of application, reduced maintenance costs, personal protection, reduced sound transmission, asbestos-free and environmentally safe, excellent control and reduction of radiant heat loss, UV resistant, Non-Porous, chemically inert, custom fit to existing conditions and a reduction in under insulation corrosion.

Matthew underlines Flextra’s commitment to ensure that the client experiences comprehensive benefits of the reusable thermal insulation system, through tailoring the products according to the client’s particular needs. “Our experienced engineers and skilled workers have the ability to custom fabricate and install any of your reusable insulation cover needs. In fact, we can tailor our product to provide you with the most effective solutions,” he says, adding that, depending on the client’s preferences, Flextra uses different types of securement systems such as Velcro, DD-Ring with straps, stainless steel wire and lacing hooks and many others for its reusable thermal insulation jackets.

Expansion Joints

Flextra is involved in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of stainless steel, PTFE and rubber expansion joints. The expansion joints are used, primarily, where there is a need to take up thermal expansion in ducting or equipment. They are also used to isolate vibrations and accommodate misalignment of flanges. According to Chris, expansion joints are used in wide range of industries. “Our products are commonly found in but not limited to, plants that manufacture cement, fertilizers, sugar, paper, steel, petrochemical, oil, power, food and are widely used in the mining, refining and smelting industries.”

Chris stresses that Flextra recognizes that every client’s expansion joint requirements are unique. Consequently, he states, the company assists clients on selecting the right expansion joints materials (Drawing from 40 years of knowledge and experience) for their application to ensure a reliable high quality product with minimal breakdown or gas leakage. “A properly engineered and installed expansion joint will ensure uninterrupted plant performance between scheduled maintenance shutdowns and longer. When it comes to expansion joints there is no such thing as one size fits all. Flextra will only use the highest quality materials available worldwide, and will under no circumstance compromise quality”.

Focused on growth into Africa

Flextra is aiming at increasing the market for reusable thermal insulation covers and quality expansion joints in Southern Africa and the African markets. Chris is confident that the company is adequately resourced to handle various demands from clients.