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Small businesses in boiler servicing sector need support

Boiler Servicing
February 08, 2023

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Small businesses in boiler servicing sector need support

With small businesses that service boilers and burners requiring support to manage challenges and grow within an industry that is dominated by larger, established companies and inadequately qualified companies, legislative structures need to be established to support new entrants in the market, says oil and gas burner specialists Benny Combustion administrator Desire Saunyama.

He elaborates that, competition in the industry is not as “clean” as it may seem. Therefore, legislative structures that will ensure fairer competition need to be put in place.

For example, if a business has to import spares or instruments that will improve the industry, other companies in the same industry should assist the company, on the condition that compliance is aligned to industry procedures, he explains.

Another significant challenge affecting small businesses in the boilers and burners industry is government projects. These projects are often offered to companies that are not adequately qualified to cover the project scope, which can have serious consequences such as unsafe working environments.

Projects being offered to unqualified companies is often a result of corruption in the public sector and, although it cannot be easily resolved, requires urgent attention.

“The only thing we can do in this industry is to ensure that the private sector is at its highest operational state,” he adds.

Saunyama hopes to see an improvement in the level of competition, effectiveness and efficiency as more trained individuals enter the industry and adequate support structures are put in place.

Such improvement can result in ripple effects, such as shorter downtime periods, owing to breakdowns.

Increased encouragement and support for importing parts and tools, as well as trained, competent workers, will enable the boilers and burners industry to grow and support the other industries it services, he adds.

Growing Impact

Despite various challenges in the sector, Benny Combustion ensures that clients are satisfied and can reduce the negative impact on production resulting from breakdowns.

With a primary focus on production or manufacturing companies, the company values its role in the growth of the South African economy.

Benny Combustion is also aiming to “go beyond the borders of South Africa to have a greater impact [by] extending into the African economy”.

The company has been working as a subcontractor for steam equipment and valves supplier and installer Rolyn Engineering in Rustenburg, in North West, and has successfully refurbished a boiler after having serviced all the systems.

“We are currently on a short-term contract servicing a boiler at the Dr Yusuf Dadoo government hospital, in Krugersdorp, in Gauteng. Our major focus was only on the gas train and burner, as the main contractor could not certify the gas-related work,” adds Saunyama.

The black-owned company specialises in refurbishing and servicing hot water and steam boilers, in addition to having serviced coal-fired boilers for more than ten years. It also services gas, diesel and kerosene burners.

Benny Combustion is Southern African Gas Association-certified to install gas for industrial thermos-processing, as well as commercial and domestic applications.

The company is also certified to work on bakery ovens, incinerators and all gas-related work.