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Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints or compensators are vital components in most industrial plants. They are installed as the flexible element in duct and piping systems to accommodate thermal expansion, vibration and misalignment.

Selecting the right expansion joints for your plant or system is most important to ensure reliable operation with minimal breakdown or gas leakage. A properly engineered and installed expansion joint will ensure uninterrupted plant performance between scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joints:

Compensates for movements in all planes simultaneously.
Minimal reactive forces on duct work.
Special insulation design ensures minimal heat loss through the expansion joint.
Due to internal insulation pillows outer layer surface temperatures reduce to protect site personnel during plant operation.
They can be installed in tight places.
They are easy to transport and install.

By combining different materials and taking into consideration the thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as the fatigue/stress properties of the materials used we can provide the optimum solution for your application both technically and financially.

Fabric Expansion Joints are typically used in:

Power generation plants
Metal smelters
Sugar mills
Cement plants
Pulp and paper mills
Food processing
Petro chemical industry