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Fabric Over Metal Retrofit

Fabric Over Metal Retrofit

Our installation team has carried out many successful projects where failed and leaking metal flue duct expansion joints have been covered by fabric expansion joints. With the use of specially designed and fabricated “adaptor” flanges, we are able to save the power station or plant a substantial outlay of funds. By using our design, we completely eliminate the need to cut out or remove the failed metal expansion joints, therefore saving on crainage and transport costs. By using this method of installation, further savings can be realised by vastly cutting down time on the plant. All necessary non-metallic expansion joints, together with the adaptor flanges, can be fabricated and installed at very short notice.


Cost Savings:


Less down time
No crainage
No transport costs
More cost effective than replacing failed metal joints.

By combining different materials and taking into consideration the thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as the fatigue/stress properties of the materials used we can provide the optimum solution for your application both technically and financially.